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New and Returning CCHS Band Parents



What you need to know

  • Plumes and Pants

    • Parents attend with their band member.

    • Fit your band member in their marching uniform for the year. 

    • Your photo will be taken once the uniform is on.​

    • Get band member materials: Show shirt, music binder, lanyards, etc.

    • Sign up for the Spaces App for communication from the Boosters about upcoming activities

    • Signup for Remid to get the same communication from the Band Director that your band member gets

    • Pay Band Fees

    • Check out the Spirit Store

    • Signup for volunteer opportunities and join the boosters

    • Plumes and Pants is where the Band Directors collect band member and parent information.

  • CCHS Band Handbook

The Benefit Outweighs The Cost

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